Gianna is Awesome

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Gianna, whose last name is SCOTTY MCCREERY FAN, sent this photo of her being awesome:


Along with her photo, Gianna provided this important message: I LOVE YOU SCOTTY MCCREERY.

If you have a photo of you being awesome, submit your photo to share it with the world.

Simple Things in Life

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Baristas Shacora and Jeanine

The Awesome project is goin’ strong! Cards are continuing to be shared by people across the globe. A card distributor in North Carolina snapped the above photo at the Starbucks in the UNC Cancer Hospital and wrote this to accompany it:

Shacora and Jeanine, two outstanding Starbucks Baristas, make a HUGE impact everyday. Their smiles, warm welcomes, and relentless empathy, provide a needed connection for so many people. They create a safe haven in the center of much strife and hardship… patients and families facing the reality of cancer. Thank you for BEING AWESOME!!!

An Awesome card recipient in Estonia wrote in last November:

Most awesome idea ever! A perfect example of how much power a small piece of paper can have. One card, one sentence can make a person that you have never met or didn’t even know that existed, smile and feel special.

I’m really hoping it spreads all over the world so that one day someone like me, a regular (yet awesome) guy from a distant country, can be a part of it.

It’s all about the simple things in life!

Rebecca, Redistribution & Reach

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One awesome Rebecca

Photographer Rebecca Martineau from Los Alamos, New Mexico sent us a self-portrait after having received an Awesome card that her mother found in a bookstore while on vacation. Thanks, Becca!

A couple of Awesome card recipients, including Rebecca, have mentioned that they don’t intend on keeping the card: They’re going to give it to or leave it for someone else. Neat. I hadn’t thought about the cards being given away by the people who received them. And yet another recipient, as I’m told by a card distributor, pulls out the card to look at it every now and then. Also neat. The fate of your Awesome card is entirely up to you.

Several hundred more cards are going out in the next few weeks to six distributors in five different states. The project continues!

A Card with All of Us

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An awesome men's room experience

In May, author Harrison Bradlow (@Harrison314) sent in this delectable story about his receiving an Awesome card:

Last night a very awesome thing happened to me in the Men’s Room. That is a sentence I never expected to write.

I volunteer as the Head Non-Skating Official (NSO) for the Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls (SCRG), Las Vegas’ own flat-track roller derby league. About once a month we have a bout, and my responsibility is to coordinate my team of amazing volunteers to make sure all the NSO duties are fulfilled. There is a lot of work to be done, but it’s incredibly gratifying to contribute to this wonderful league.

Last night was a bout night, and while washing my hands in the Men’s Room, a very nice guy thanked me for volunteering. I was wearing a pink “Official” shirt, so he knew I was a volunteer. He said that he is the Head Ref for another league and since he was in town during a bout, he came out to watch. He shared that his league’s NSOs are an incredibly valuable part of his team, and that he was confident that the same was true of the SCRG’s NSOs.

On top of that, he gave me a “You Are Awesome” card, the one I’m holding in the picture with this post.

It really made me feel good. All my volunteers are awesome, and I think he was really sharing that card with all of us.

Life of Their Own

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An awesome card spotted in the wild

Bundles of You Are Awesome cards shipped to 18 people in ten states in the US and four countries outside the US at the end of April. One of the card distributors lives in Washington, DC and took the above photo of a card out in the wild.

As the distributors start to relay stories of people’s reactions to the cards, and more importantly, the sentiment behind the cards, it’s clear that the purpose of this project is becoming realized. Far from complete, but well on its way, the cards are starting to take on a life of their own.

Have you received or spotted an Awesome card yourself?

It begins!

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The distribution of the You Are Awesome business cards begins today! The primary vision is to get out the message in a physical environment. There’s something nice about tangibility; that’s why I printed 5,000 of these cards. The content of this site is up to the people (you) who contribute to it, but this site is secondary to the message that it aims to convey.

If you found or received one of the below business cards, feel free to share your thoughts and photos! And if you didn’t receive a card, feel free to share anyway. I expect the majority of people who visit this site have not seen the business cards in person, and that’s fine. The message still applies.

Business card mockup

Business card stack